TheWildflowers Collaboration 

"Let's explore the ways to keep our glow, to stay in beauty, to remember what truly matters in this journey of motherhood. Let's go deeper into the layers of our tender hearts that need watering." - Our Wildflowers


The Wildflower Way is an online (but one that takes you offline) journey created by Ana Muriel and Bridget Luff, with a number of incredible collaborators. It is a space for mothers and mothers-to-be to gather, share and connect.  

Each season carries a different theme, with different stories, audios, meditations, movement practices and reflections designed to awaken the wildflower which resides within each of us. 

When you sign up, you are offered mini drops of medicine to weave into your busy days to create space, to alchemise pain and strain, to soften the rigid lines and help you breathe steady, and decide what to do more wisely.  

I love being part of this collaboration.  It truly has been medicine connecting with women and mothers from all around the world. 

For more information visit Our Wildflowers Website.