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Move. Nourish. Rise.

A Place for Mammas to Rise

Move. Nourish. Rise. is a 6 week programme for women at any stage of motherhood. 

Women; Mothers, who want to reconnect with their rituals and practices, gather with like minded women, and do the work together, to build momentum. 

The programme consists of 6 90 minute sessions over consecutive weeks. Within each session is a short meditation, a yoga practice weaving in the theme, prompted journal writing, and group coaching and sharing. 

There is a different theme or focus each week based on one of the six pillars of the Mama Rising Formula of support, created by Amy Taylor-Kabbaz; Kindness, Strength, Value, Grace, Trust and Connection.  


Kindness is where the healing journey begins. We start to tame our 'inner mean mama' and celebrate what we are doing well.


Once we begin to practice kindness we redefine our understanding of strength and what makes us strong as women and mothers. 


We address the Successful Woman and Good Mother, and work to define and redefine our values within these concepts. 


Grace is about acknowledging our processes within Motherhood, and learning to embody our values. 


This is where we touch on the faith we have in our selves, as well as the universe, as we transition and move through challenges. What we go through we grow through. 


This is where we begin to see the value in connecting with ourselves first.  We develop the practical skills to build a connection with ourselves, and others. 

With Move. Nourish. Rise. I am bringing together my love of yoga, writing and holding space for women to provide a holistic approach to healing and living a soul aligned life.  I believe in breath led movement as an integral part of connecting with ones self.  It provides grounding, and serves as an anchor when moving into deeper feeling enquiry through writing and reflection. 

My energy for these sessions comes from my own experience, reflection, insights and inspiration within the process of becoming a mother, and having gone (continuing to go) through this process of redefining my life, and reconnecting to myself within that.  


The sessions are designed to give you an understanding of Matrescence and your own personal journey within motherhood, as well as help create clarity around your values, and how to live in line with those values.  The sessions have been created to guide you towards practicing kindness towards yourself, redefine beliefs around what makes you strong, and of value, and explore grace, trust and connection within that process.

This programme offers you the tools to help you RISE back into yourself, your purpose and your visions. 


Women at any stage of motherhood are welcome. 


It's not about your age, or the age of your children, it's about whether you feel pulled to do this work. 


If you would like to reconnect to your rituals and spiritual practices then this is for you. 


If you need a place to be seen, and show up differently, this is for you. 


If you would like to find clarity, and feel inspired to live in line with your values, this is for you.  

If you would like to move through a transformational process with the support of like-minded women, this is for you.  


Different stages of poses, and modifications will be offered within the physical yoga practice to accommodate different levels and needs. 

Pregnant mamma’s are also welcome.


Term 1 

September 13th - October 18th, 2023

Wednesday's 12-1.30pm



£156 (includes all 6 sessions)

Bring a journal or paper and a pen and a cup of tea. 

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