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Kind words from my students

Working with Kristi illuminates my path in the ways that she is able to root me into reality, to bring myself into what is needed in the situation, to go the heart of the matter and the clarity that it requires. She is honest, balanced and the best of all she listens and is able to hold the space with a deep sense of care and intuition.

-Ana M.


Kristi's classes have been a sanctuary over the last few months. Totally accessible online.

After loosing confidence in my body after the effects of pregnancy and frankly, just getting older, I've literally found my love for yoga again. She has such great focus on core strength which I find the perfect starting point. Kristi’s honestly and wealth of experience, and the balance of physical and spiritual are perfect.

-Charlotte P.


After taking my first yoga class with Kristi six years ago, she became quickly one of my favourite teachers. She has the wonderful gift of conveying her profound knowledge of yoga in an authentic, yet light-hearted way. While her sequences can be challenging, I always feel safe and taken care of. Her combination of warmth and wittiness make attending her classes a joy. Kristi genuinely cares for her students and it unequivocally comes through in her teaching.

-Anja C.


I regularly do Kristi's online classes and have attended a couple of workshops. I absolutely love Kristi's open, authentic approach to her teaching. She has great intuition and presence and it's a huge privilege to share in her experience and learn from her.

-Tash P.


I first met Kristi some years ago, she introduced herself to us with Forrest Yoga. She struck me as hugely creative, incredibly grounded and strong. Her voice is encouraging and her words descriptive and supporting. She works with you and connects to you. Her classes are a journey and with each one there is something different and individual, something challenging and fun. Kristi is quietly awesome.

-Lucy W.


We’ve only recently joined the class & we find it very good as an all-round workout. Kristi gives very clear instructions & there’s a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

-Anne S.


I regularly do Kristi's online classes and have attended a couple of workshops. I absolutely love Kristi's open, authentic approach to her teaching. She has great intuition and presence and it's a huge privilege to share in her experience and learn from her.


I discovered Kristi through her Forrest Yoga Classes quite by accident and it turned out to be a big 'lightbulb' moment in my yoga practice. I had booked myself in for the class simply because, on that particular day, the time worked for me. To begin with, everything about the class seemed to challenge or trigger me in some way - to the point where I started to wish I hadn't gone in! I had 2 choices, leave or stay. Being too British and polite to up sticks and leave, I had a word with myself and stayed put. And I'm SO glad I did. Through listening to Kristi's direction and getting out of my very busy head, gradually a shift began to take place and something clicked. Kristi's knowledge and ability to intuitively know where the class needed to go, how to lead us there and to keep gently pushing to encourage us towards a deeper experience totally won me over. By the end of the class I had gone from a place of 'quick-shoe-horn-a-class-in-to-my-day' to an almost out of body experience. I kid you not, I was as high as a kite! Ever since that day, about 6 years ago, I have enjoyed both classes and workshops run by Kristi - she is generous in her knowledge sharing and an attentive teacher who possesses patience, insight, an understanding of her students and the practice of yoga.

- Vicki A.


Kristi has ignited a whole new love of yoga for me. Forest yoga came at just the right time when my body needed something more nourishing and a deeper practice than I currently had.

The knowledge Kristi has is insane-one adjustment/advice on breathing can change a pose for me completely-and I love her gentle wisdom and humility .Continually learning from Kristi and thankful for her teachings on building a practice that is true to me.

- Ellie D.


When I become pregnant I struggled to find a teacher/ class that welcomed me and suited my practice. I was recommended Kristi who immediately welcomed me to her forest classes. I was able to practice a strong but stable and adapted style of yoga throughout my pregnancy which really helped me to prepare physically and mentally for the birth of my baby. I always felt completely welcomed in her classes and she took time to ensure my practice changed with me. I can’t wait to return to her classes and see how I can grow my strength post partum. Her classes offer a great mix of strength, core and relaxation with a playful, fun element in each class. I recommend to all!

- Kate M.


I attended yoga classes with Kristi. I loved her clear, calm teaching style. She is great at observing how I need supporting but also keeping me challenged, I achieved more strength and flexibility in Kristi's classes than I had with previous instructors and I put that down to her skill as a teacher.

- Julie T.


My first experience of Kristi was my first experience of Forrest yoga...and it was tough, different... much more physically and emotionally challenging than other yoga styles... but as such a knowledgeable, compassionate and patient teacher she saw me through that and now I practice class with Kristi as one of her regular students, always love a workshop and dreaming of when can retreat again a some fab destination.

- Hazel R.


I have been attending Kristi’s classes for at least five years. I’ve also done the most amazing adjustments workshop and teacher mentorship with her as well. I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for 10 years, and her class was something I had never experienced before..the physical practice was strong, but in a deep and steady way that really allowed me to draw into a place of connection, inspiration and strength. I love her purposeful, balanced classes that always bring me back to myself. She’s authentic to the core, and I’m grateful for her offerings.

- Katrina F.


I've attended Kristi's classes, workshops and private sessions sporadically over the years as a teacher myself. With each session, I leave feeling completely topped up with nurture, knowledge and a better understanding of myself and my practice. Kristi teaches from a very authentic place - she knows herself, she knows yoga and she knows how to perfectly, beautifully communicate with her students. Her naturally grounded energy makes me want to take a deep breath and slow myself down a gear as soon as I see her. I feel "held", seen, supported and guided. Kristi has sure become one of my favourite teachers in the world; there are not many quite as gifted as her.

- Pip G.


I have had the pleasure to attend Kristi's classes, workshops and teacher mentoring sessions over the last few years and all have been wonderful. She has a vast knowledge of the yoga subject which she delivers in an informative & palatable way. She is nurturing and non judgemental in her teaching approach which makes her a wonderful person to learn with.  She also has the ability to make the hard stuff fun! I feel I reach a new place of self enquiry in her classes, without being forced or pushed. She has great intuition of knowing exactly where I am meant to be and how far I can go, because of this you can see she has a deep connection to her own practice. Kristi has taught me to slow down and really take notice of where I am in my practice and find space to bring myself into presence.

-Jess C.

Kristi has incredible depth of knowledge of yoga. Bringing together knowledge of anatomy and contextualising your body with your mind. After her yoga classes, my body always feels like I have explored new areas and gone deeper than I have previously. Her grounding Kiwiness is a delight and her authenticity a breathe of fresh air.

-Helen R.


I have been a student of Kristi’s for many years and have attended classes, workshops and been part of a yoga mentorship, all of which have helped me learn, grow and develop my personal practice and teaching style. I can't recommend Kristi enough, for her knowledge of yoga and how it transfers across every aspect of your life, to holding space as you explore the depths of unchartered territories when deepening my own understanding and teaching yoga. I fondly look back on my mentorship with Kristi as a lot of the key topics are still relevant and often learnings are still unravelling through life!

- Charlotte O.


Kristi is an extremely gifted yoga instructor she has the ability to turn me from a discombobulated, monkey brained, frazzled lady to a lighter more grounded person within the space of her yoga session.

I stepped onto my yoga mat over 20 years ago and during this time I have practised with many amazing yoga instructors however Kristi is by far my favourite..

I am truly grateful and honoured every time I practise yoga with Kristi she has this ability to guide me into the moment allowing everything else to melt into the background.. Kristi’s classes are fabulous and I cannot recommend them enough, give them a go you will not regret it!

- Sharon M.


Kristi is one of my favourite teachers, who I have been practising with on and off for over 5 years, in person and online. Her honest, down to earth, heartfelt teaching is so refreshing and I always come away feeling at peace, spacious and grounded after every class.

I have experienced her nourishing and beautifully balanced Forrest classes, workshops and even had the treat of a whole week in Tuscany with her. A beautiful spirit who has great knowledge, one whom I have learnt a great deal from.

-Helen H.


Kristi is a strong, grounded presence who genuinely listens and gives you the confidence and space to speak what is truly on your mind. What comes back will be balanced, compassionate and completely devoid of yoga waffle. This has certainly been  the case with me, where I have had  private mentoring at various crossroads in my life and have often shed both tears and bad jokes within the same session. Whatever emotions came up were met and responded to with care, clarity and good natured humour. On leaving I've often felt I shed light  on those areas or patterns where I was stuck and felt realistic hope within  uncertainty.  All of this was done in an easy handed, skillful way - which may be in part due to her Kiwi roots and prior counselling work, although my guess is it’s probably innate. Thank you Kristi!

- Evie C.


In working with Kristi across weekly yoga classes, powerful workshops and teacher mentoring, I have been privileged to access her knowledge and expertise, as well as empathy with my professional success and struggles.

Kristi's knowledge, experience, thoughtfulness and ability to hold space make her an extraordinary teacher and facilitator. Delight in regular practice and exercises to lessen the influence of your inner critic and call upon deeper authentic resource of wisdom, clarity, compassion and courage. Kristi has also provided me with a wonderful opportunity to focus on myself to not only know, but develop my impact as a teacher. I cannot recommend her enough. 

-Alexandria T.


Kristi is a natural leader.  She brings people together and holds space in a really authentic, graceful and rooted way. Her classes are flowing and nurturing. She is engaging, present and gives her all.  There is always such a sense of real flow, intuition and getting exactly what you need in her classes.

-Rula N.

I have worked with Kristi as a student in her classes and attended quite a few of her workshops.It was Kristi that introduced me to forest yoga and I feel my eyes have been opened to a truly wonderful style of yoga, Kristi teaches with compassion and warmth sharing her experience and knowledge of yoga with each of her students. I look forward to the classes so much, and after practicing with Kristi I feel restored physically and mentally.

-Kate R.

I have been so fortunate to attend Kristi's classes, workshops and retreats. Her classes have been an outlet for me during a period of high stress and anxiety. I leave Kristi's sessions feeling more connected to my centre, to the ground, my legs and core. I love how Kristi teaches a strong physical class but there are always options to go at your own pace. I always feel very comfortable in Kristi's classes, seen and included. She creates a very grounded, non-judgemental space where you can come as you are and you will be welcome. I am so grateful for Kristi for consistently and continuously showing up to teach and be present for others.

-Deepa B. 

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