For Yoga Teachers

A “Yoga Teachers Mentorship” is a programme created to support qualified yoga teachers in their ongoing journey, no matter whether they have been teaching for one year or ten years. Within this Mentorship teachers will be supported on a journey of locating their love and inspiration for self practice and enquiry through a myriad of processes. The group sessions will cover sequencing, the teaching skills, and the practical teaching stuff, however the experience will be so much more than that. In this programme teachers will be offered the tools to connect to their truth, use their voice, and communicate their passion through their teaching, work with other people, and offering from a place of resonance and authenticity. 


A huge chunk of my experience resides in working with teachers. My years of experience teaching in some of the biggest studios in the world, assisting teacher trainings, and exposure to different teaching methods allows me to be less rigid and more open-minded when working with the various challenges that teachers may experience. 


The programme will consist of 6, 3 hour sessions over 3 weekends. 2-5pm. 

September 18th & 19th

October 16th & 17th

November 13th/14th


The sessions will be held in person at The Yoga Shed in Hitchin, and on line via zoom. Hitchin is a 30 min train ride from Kings Cross. 


Saturday 18th September

Stripping Back the Layers

This session will begin by reflecting on where you are in your teaching, where your strengths are and where you would like to shift. We’ll begin to dissect your beliefs and practice speaking your truth. 


Sunday 19th September

Seeing and Assisting 

A more practical session addressing how you hold space, boundaries, and assisting from a more intuitive place. This session will involve partner work. 


Saturday 16th October


This session will involve partner work and group discussion. We’ll work through the different methods of sequencing that are all super practical, and will offer you the tools to be more clear and creative around what you offer in your classes. 


Sunday 17th October

Daring Greatly 

A session that will bring you more alignment with your intentions and core values. We’ll cover vulnerability, compassion, and the positive aspects of triggers. 


Saturday 13th November

Finding Your Voice

A practical teaching session where you create a class sequence as a group and teach, weaving in the tools and experience you have gathered through the work you’ve done. Bring a mat and some comfy yoga clothes ready to practice. 


Sunday 14th November

Stepping into the Arena 

This session brings everything together so that you walk away with more clarity and confidence. Closing circle. 

Investment: £850. Early Bird £820 until August 28th

Payment plans available. Contact The Yoga Shed Hitchin to book.