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Yoga + Coaching


Kristi Mae 

I am a psychology graduate, Accredited ICF Coach, Mentor, Senior Yoga Teacher and Mamma to two girls. I create spaces, through yoga and coaching, for women and mothers to reconnect with themselves, find clarity, and develop the practical skills to create daily rituals that support and inspire them. 

Kristi Mae Rodelli

Group sessions for Women at any stage of Motherhood.

Meditation, Yoga, Prompted Journal Writing, Group Coaching, Tea and Relaxation. 

One-on-one Coaching Sessions for Women and Mothers. 

Intuitively lead, with the intent to support, inspire and empower you within your own unique journey. 

A safe space for Women to come together. To show up as you are. To ground, reflect, recalibrate, receive, be held, inspired, supported, and seen. 


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