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"Live Life"

As I flicked through the notes on my phone for writing Inspiration I came across these words sitting starkly on the top of an empty page.

I wrote them down during an intensely intimate time with my in-laws over the summer.

I had stepped back for a moment to observe what was triggering me.

I am the kind of person who flings the windows open first thing in the morning to let in the morning air, basks in the heat of the summer sun, prefers to be active, and explore a place fully to get my bearings.

Anything to the contrary baffles me.

I like to live life.

And yet there have been moments in my life where I have lived life to the fullest and perhaps it hasn’t always been the kindest way to meet myself.

It has taken me time, injuries, illnesses and burn out at various times of my life to realise that being slow, still, quiet and taking rest is also part of living a full life.

It doesn’t serve us to be stagnant, constantly make excuses, nor attach to beliefs and stories that shrink our world. Equally, it doesn’t serve us to go at it hell for leather and burn the candle at both ends.

Yes life is for living.

And perhaps to really live life means having a healthy balance between working hard, doing the stuff that we love, engaging in an inspiring amount of challenge, and allowing an ample amount of pauses so that our body and mind are in it for the long run.

How do you live life?

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